Window Shutters for Beautiful Views

window shutters for beautiful view Plantation shutters are an excellent idea for privacy, light, and heat control in New York. They are as beautiful as they are durable to last for many years in your home.

Window Shutters Ideas for a New York Dwelling

Indoor window shutters or plantation shutters make a beautiful, timeless and classy statement in any home, no matter the style or size. Plantation shutters work with any decor you have, from very polished to very relaxed. You also get a lot of options when you choose custom window shutters.

What are Window Shutters?

Plantation shutters look much like the window shutters that you see on the outside of a home. However, indoor shutters are not only a form of decoration but also traditional window treatment. People all over the country realize that indoor shutters are a long-term investment to replace conventional window coverings, such as blinds, shades, and draperies. Plantation shutters evolved in the southern states when they became the most popular window treatment for their outstanding abilities in keeping a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which makes them invaluable. The heavy and sturdy construction acts as a barrier next to windows to keep the temperature much more comfortable in any home when they are closed. Indoor shutters have wooden louvers that are similar to the slats on blinds. Shutters are fitted to the window frame, and you can swing the sides open much as a door instead of using a pull string as you do on blinds. The louvers can be tilted to let in controlled light and warmth by simply moving a vertical bar up or down. Louvers are available in various sizes of widths. Each size will make your window appear differently, with the larger sizes giving you a much less obstructed view when the louvers are tilted open. Shutters are available in a wide range of materials with different price points. The most popular are the faux wood shutters, made from vinyl or MDF made to appear as though they are solid hardwood. Shutters are also available in hardwood types in which a stain can be applied to match any color you wish. Fauxwood shutters can also be stained or painted in any color you want to. The stain protects them, and it also brings out the sheer beauty of the whorls and details in the wood grain for a lovely product. Instead, you can choose for your shutters to be painted in any color you wish to blend in with the color palette in your home or add a pop of bright color and create a focal point in any room. Shutters also appear differently due to the various mounting options. You can choose to have a pair of shutters in the full window style covering half of a window from top to bottom. In this instance, you open each half like a door to let in all the available light when the temperatures outdoors are comfortable. A tier-on-tier installation gives you the maximum versatility in window coverings. It’s formed with a set of shutters covering the top of the window and a second set covering the bottom of a window. Each set operates in the same manner as the full window style, but you can operate each set independently of the other. You can leave the top or bottom open while the other half is closed. Cafe-style shutters are a set of two shutters that only cover the bottom half of a window. These work particularly well in windows that don’t get much sun and heat in the summer. Custom shutters are made to the exact measurements of your windows, so you know they will be a perfect fit when they are installed. There is no one-size-fits-all in window shutters, and when you choose customization, you get to choose the exact color you want them stained or painted in and the configuration of installing them to give you an exact look you want. Professional installation is usually also included in the price of custom plantation shutters. Shutters have a system to keep them closed tightly, so they don’t move and don’t allow the air trapped next to your windows into your home. This is one reason why they are so energy efficient. Shutters may have magnets at the top and bottom of them, which attach to the frame and striker plates lining up and connecting to the magnets. Instead, shutters may have a panel lock system that locks the shutter panels into place when they are closed. Shutters are easy to keep clean, and they don’t harbor allergens, making them an excellent option for people with allergies. You can wipe them down or even vacuum them to keep them in a clean and pristine shape. Plantation shutters can be motorized for your convenience. With just the touch of a button, you can open and close them or tilt them open. You can program them to open and close at specific times and then override the program by pushing a button on any smartphone or device with the app on it. If you are buying an apartment in New York instead of renting it, you will be happy to know that your shutters remain with the dwelling when you move, and they add a lot of value to it too. The old-world charm they bring to the table could make the sale of your apartment to a prospective buyer.

Window Shutters Ideas for a New York Apartment

Window Shutter Ideas Indoor shutters are so beautiful that they can be a stand-alone window treatment without the need for any additional layers on any window. However, you can dress your windows up when you combine shutters with other window treatments.

Overlay Your Shutters with Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are almost see-through and translucent. Adding sheers will reduce the glare and harshness of direct light that comes through your shutters when the louvers are open. This will give you a tiny bit of privacy, but it won’t obstruct your view of the outside world. This option works best in rooms where you leave the louvers open most of the time.

Floor Length Draperies

You can add custom floor-length draperies to your shutters in an excellent manner to include form, texture, and color to any room. This also gives you a chance to tie in your windows and window treatments with other colors found in that particular room, so the decor flows together seamlessly. Hanging draperies are an elegant feature to enhance your plantation shutter and frame your large windows. It also provides an additional layer of privacy, control over direct sunlight, and UV protection–and you can motorize the draperies as well.

Add a Top Treatment

In some rooms that may be smaller, draperies or shades may look out of place on top of your shutters. Instead, think of adding a top treatment of some sort, such as a beautiful fabric valance or a stationary Roman shade at the top. This will enable you to add some color and form to the minimalist style of your indoor shutters.

Crown Molding as a Frame

Another way to frame a window with shutters is to add decorative crown molding all around the window frame. This will make your window stand out and seem like it’s larger than it is while complementing the wood structure of the plantation shutters. Keep in mind that when you choose custom plantation shutters for your apartment, you are making an investment that will last for many years. This will give your apartment improved curb appeal, increased value, and it helps you control light, heat, glare, making this purchase a great idea all around.

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