What Window Treatment Should I Use in My Bedroom?

bedroom window treatment

Ripple Fold Curtains with Over Drapery – Option 1

The question is what window treatment should I use in my bedroom?  Well, here’s the big question, how do you want your room to feel, or look?  What’s your style?  What do you want to gain by adding window treatments to your bedroom windows?  
Bedroom Window Treatments
Here’s an option is shown in the picture above. The layering of curtains and drapery can provide a cozy atmosphere to any room let alone your bedroom.  The beauty of fabric, there is something for everyone.  Various textures, colors, and patterns of fabrics are available.
The down fall I see in the picture is seeping through the top of the rod.  If you are a person that likes the room totally dark then particular style is not for you.  Hmmm, a simple fix to this style for getting rid of the light seepage on top is to add a board mounted top treatment.  For example a mini cornice or  a bound mounted decorative valance.  Don’t get me wrong this is only one option among many for custom window treatment.

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