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Why Honeycomb Shades?

Are you looking for the most bang for your buck when investing in custom window treatment? Then the honeycomb shades are one of if not the best choice. Honeycomb shades offer the most energy & cost efficiency in window decor. For insulation you have single, double and triple cells. What does that mean? Various layers of fabric to add to your window without compromising what matters most to you. You want style? Covered! You want view? Covered! You want ROI? Covered! You want ease of use and convenience covered! Ease of care and cleaning covered!

Control Options

From function to convenience we’ve got you “covered”. Control options includes: cordless lift, cordless lift & lock, remote lift 2.0., and remote lift using an app so you can have smart home integration. Also, power wand, continuous cord, and standard cord lock.
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Window Shades Design Options

Simply stated here’s a shade that can give you the view, energy efficiency, control of light and privacy all with the beauty you’re looking for. I say beauty because you can combine two fabrics into one shade. For example in this picture it has a sheer material on the top section which can provide you with all the light you need while the bottom half has a 2” hybrid pleat semi-opaque material that gives you privacy and a soft beautiful look. This gives the function of two window shades in one without the bulky look of having two shades hence marrying function and beauty for your window decor.

Colors & Material

The honeycomb material comes in various shades of colors including whites, light & patel colors, midtones and dark colors. There are various opacities also which include sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaques, and room darkener. Something for the liking of every homeowner.