Indoor plantation shutters are a timeless and classic window treatment. They are beautiful with the natural wood grain being highlighted by a stain or paint in any color you wish to match your trim work in your home or to add a playful splash of color to a game room or child’s bedroom.

Why are Plantation Shutters so Popular?

Plantation shutters are beautiful and very durable to last you a lifetime. You can use them as a stand-alone window treatment or you can add layers to them, such as side drapery panels to frame your view through your windows or a nice and soft billowing top treatment to add texture and interest to your windows.

Many Choices in Mounting Configurations

Choosing custom-made indoor shutters allows you many different choices in how they are mounted on your windows. The manner in which they are hung determines the functionality and how they appear when you swing them open to get a clear view of the great outdoors. Indoor shutters are hung on hinges and they can be mounting on the outside of the window casing or the inside of the window casing. They are most often hung on the inside of the window casing so you can add other soft treatments such as drapery panels on top or on the sides 

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which would be hung with the drapery rod on the outside of the window casing. You can also choose full height shutters, which cover the windows from the top to the bottom in two full panels, and they open outwards. Tier on tier mounting has two panels at the top and two at the bottom that operate independently of each other for great light control. You can open any of the four panels to let light in, or the top two or the top bottom to get the exact amount of light control you wish. In a window that doesn’t get a lot of sun, you may choose to have cafe style plantation shutters which only cover the bottom half of the window and leaves the top open for some great natural light in your home. You also have choices between how the hinges allow them to open. You can choose the double panel style that opens like a double door or the quadruple panel style that opens like a bi-fold door.

Choices of Materials

You can choose from a variety of materials for fabrication in your custom plantation shutters. Hardwood is beautiful and long lasting that matches any decor you may have. You also can choose from composite wood or polyvinyl with the same appearance but as a great solution to areas with high humidity or water nearby, such as a laundry room, bathroom or kitchen. Vinyl is another great choice for areas of high humidity.

Are Plantation Shutters Worth The Cost?

You can ask any homeowner this question and they will definitely say that their shutters are one of the best investments they’ve ever made. Plantation shutters actually add value to your home and they may be a little higher in price than some other window treatments, but they are very durable and last a lifetime. You can change your layered draperies or top treatments to change the look and feel of a room when you decide you want something new, but the shutters will generally never be changed as they are timeless and beautiful and they match any other decor in any room. You also have endless possibilities in the design and construction of your custom shutters for the ultimate in light control, heat control and energy efficiency.