Custom Fabric

When you are considering interior design and decorating with custom fabrics, you are choosing a limitless amount of types, colors, shades and styles of fabrics.

What Type of Custom Fabric Works Best?

Some types of fabrics work better for upholstering items or for draperies that can be any where from a sheer panel that is soft and flowing to luxurious and jaw dropping and everywhere in between. There are two main categories of custom designer fabrics: synthetic and natural.

Synthetic Custom Fabrics

Acetate is one of the softest of the synthetic fabrics and it resists wrinkles. This makes it a great choice for drapery panels.

Acrylic is sun-resistant so it will not fade easily and it’s also stain resistant as well. Often it is used as a blend with natural fabrics to add durability and it works well for dining room chairs.

Nylon is really tough and stain proof as well as electricity proof and it wears well. Many homeowners and business owners choose nylon for its durability in their window treatments.

Rayon hangs well, but in high humidity in the summer, it may shrink up and then let itself back down in the months with lower humidity in the winter. Rayon works very well in combination with a liner in drapery panels so it will retain its beauty and shape all year round.

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Natural Custom Fabrics

Cotton is the strongest fabric of all the natural custom fabrics. It holds dye well, making it one of the best choices for drapery panels as this attribute allows you to find an immense amount of colors and patterns. Cotton works well for upholstery to add a cooling effect to your couches and chairs. Cafe style curtains and formal curtains with formal headers, such as pinch pleats are often made from cotton fabrics.

Linen is stain resistant, but as a drawback, it does wrinkle quite easily. Linen is often used for more informal rooms and decors and lends itself to a solution for a shabby chic style on a highly decorative drapery rod.

Silk is susceptible to sun damage rather quickly, but it also comes in a huge assortment of weights to make it more durable. You can easily add a liner to your favorite silk custom fabric draperies to make them more durable and block more light from outside.

Wool is a very heavy natural custom fabric that lasts for many years. It is most often used in upholstery for family heirlooms to update them and help them to last forever.

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