Adding Motorization to YOur Window Treatments

New York City Metro Area Motorization

Remote control motorized window treatments are very popular in both homes and businesses in the country and especially in the New York City Metro area. If you already have a smart home or smart business with a security system, motorization can be added to your window treatments for many great benefits. Homeowners and business owners alike love the simple manner in which they can use to lower or raise window blinds with the touch of a wall remote, a hand held remote or an app on any smart device you may have.

Larger windows are aesthetically pleasing in any setting for extra lighting inside and a great view of the outdoors also. If you have several windows in your home or business, you realize it takes time to adjust all of the window treatments one by one and by hand. Most people close all of their window treatments at night before bed and businesses close all of their window treatments when they leave the office for the day. Motorized window treatments allow you to program pre set times when you want your windows covered in the evening and open in the morning. You can also program window treatments to close partially or fully, singularly or in banks to cut out the heat and glare of the summer sun.

This tech savvy product also makes your home or business more energy efficient by using programming to make certain that you window 

Motorization to your window treatments

treatments are all closed in the warmer parts of the day and trapping the warm air next to the windows. This in turn makes them energy efficient and it will also extend the life of your HVAC system and will prolong the need for service or parts because it isn’t working as hard.

Motorized window treatments are also pet and child friendly, as they don’t use dangling cords that can cause a safety hazard like traditional window shades and blinds can. The use of motorized window coverings is also great for windows that are hard to reach or skylights and sliding glass doors.

We have over 11 years of experience in custom window treatments, best in decor design and drapery cleaning services and we greatly value our customers. We will offer you a free in-home or in-business window treatment consultation to help you decide  to make your spaces the best of the best.