The Many Choices for Kitchen Window Treatments

If you are seeking to dress your kitchen windows, you will be happy to know there are many different choices when you decide to have custom window treatments in Bronx. You can choose from many styles and colors as well as types of window coverings.

Kitchen Window Treatments for the Bronx

If you have outdated window treatments in your kitchen that have been there since you moved in, or if you have made some nice updates to your kitchen, you will most likely want some nice and fresh new window treatments. In any case, you have a multitude of different types to choose from that work very well in a kitchen.

Kitchen Window Treatment Considerations for the Bronx

You have several items that your window treatments in your kitchen should address. The first item is to determine if you are trying to adjust your levels of light from your kitchen window. It’s nice on a beautiful day to use natural sunlight while you are working or cooking in your kitchen. In this instance, you should decide if your kitchen window gets a lot of sunshine or too much sunshine and your window treatments should be functional in order to open and close them as you wish for light control. Light control goes hand in hand with heat control in the hot summer days too. Keeping out some light will help to make your home energy efficient and save money on your heating and cooling bills all year round.

Kitchen Window Treatments for the Bronx

Privacy can also be an issue. If your neighbors are quite close, they may be able to see you from the outside as you sit at the kitchen table and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the morning newspaper in your robe. This can feel like an invasion of privacy as no one wants to feel like someone is spying on them. Neighbors and passersby on the streets may also be able to see inside your kitchen window at nighttime. If you want to know your exact current privacy level, turn on your kitchen lights after dark and go outside to see what can be viewed through your window.

Adding style and softening lines in a kitchen is often a large consideration. Most all the objects in your kitchen are flat and straight, such as counter tops, stoves and hard floors. You can soften all the straight and hard lines by adding some curves to your window treatments and give your entire kitchen some character at the same time.

Which Kitchen Window Treatments to Choose

Some of the best kitchen window treatments that can satisfy all of your needs and also give your kitchen some beauty include several different types.

Window Shades Can Be Twice as Nice

The newer versions of window shades can not only cover your windows for you, take care of excess sunlight and heat and privacy issue, but they can act as two separate window treatments. These types of window shades can be installed as a top/down bottom/up style. You simply pull the top tab down to release it from the top mounting rail and stop at the height you want it to open on the top of your window. Instead, you may push the bottom tab to release it from the bottom rail and raise it to any height you wish. This allows you to block sun, warmth or glare from one half of the window at a time and makes your kitchen window treatments extremely versatile. These types of window shades mount inside of the window frame for a very clean and neat appearance while controlling your view and the sunlight at the same time.

Layering Effect for Visual Texture

If your kitchen is pretty much monochromatic, or mostly all one neutral color, such as white or off white on the cabinets, you can make the most of it by adding some color and texture to it. A great idea is to layer window treatments to add character to your kitchen. You can choose a custom-made valance and Roman shade in the same printed fabric. A box pleated designer valance pairs very well with a flat roman shade to add texture and interest to your kitchen window.

Pretty Patterned Valances

In the case that your kitchen window faces north or south or you have something nearby that shields nearly all the sun from entering your window, you may decide to simply use a valance across the top 1/3 or 1/4 of your window. You can choose any type of fabric that you love in colors or patterns that complement your kitchen palette. In addition, if you have a scalloped bottom edge or a balloon type valance it will add a lot of style and sophistication to your kitchen,

Lively and Light

If you happen to need to control full sun and heat in your kitchen window, which is most often in windows that face the east and west and get sun in the mornings and evenings respectively. Roman shades work great for these windows. If you have one large window, you can have two Roman Shades that match in it and liven your space up with a bright or playful print. The addition of a privacy liner on the rear of the shades will keep all the hot sun and glare out of your kitchen at the times it would normally be shinning in with all its glory.

Adding a Formal Touch

In an elegant country style kitchen that gets little sun you can add a gorgeous formal touch to your windows with a valance. A great final touch in decorating includes an ornate scalloped valance in the top of the window. It gains even more formality if the valance is hung from the ceiling with decorative hooks and the fabric is a thicker type, such as a brocade.

Barely There Roller Shade

If your light is not very strong peeping in your kitchen window, you can consider using a roller shade to just soften and filter the light a bit. Your best bet for this type of shade is to choose a light fabric, such as linen to add a lightly textured window covering. Roller shades can be adjusted to any height you wish with the use of a cord or they are available in a cordless version. 

Small but Tailored

If you have one small window over your sink in your kitchen, you can opt for a very streamlined and tailored appearance. Shutters make a great addition to a small kitchen window and they give it a lot of character. You can swing the shutters open to allow full sunlight in, close them tightly to save energy or tilt the vanes to get the exact amount of light you wish in your kitchen.

Old School but Good School

Some of the older types of window treatments still work wonderfully well in kitchen windows. Blinds are among this group that are very durable and work well. You can open or close them fully or partially or you can tilt the vanes to diffuse your light to your needs. Aluminum blinds will hold up well to an occasional splash of water and wipe clean quickly in this case. 

Tips on Picking the Right Window Treatment for You

Tips on Picking the Right Window Treatment for You

When choosing your kitchen window treatments, you should also keep in mind what type of materials are used. Hardwood shutters are not a very good kitchen window treatment because they can warp, crack or split as well as fade in bright sunlight and they don’t do well near humid areas and they also will not hold up when occasionally splashed with liquids. Instead, if you love the look of shutters, choose faux wood shutters that are treated to stand up to the test of time even in humid or wet areas.

When you choose window treatments made of fabric, such as draperies and valances, keep in mind that you will occasionally need to remove draperies or swags to wash them. As long as you choose an easy care fabric, then you are good to go with washing and drying them yourself. Valances are usually short enough that you won’t need to clean hem very often. 

Cellular shades provide you with light filtering needs in many opacities and they will give you a chic or more contemporary appearance in your kitchen.

Aluminum blinds are now available in a large selection of colors from which to choose to either complement or match your existing kitchen colors and decor. 

Using cooler colors can make a small kitchen appear to be larger and also brighter.

Using darker colors can make a large kitchen appear to be much more inviting.

Cornices and valances can add a welcome pop of color on top of a solid color window treatment. 

It’s in your best interest to choose window treatments that are cordless or consider adding motorization to your kitchen window treatments. Those dangling cords can be a nuisance on the counter or near the sink and they just don’t look right in a kitchen. Instead, opt for the cordless options in your window treatments in which you simply grasp the bottom rail of the window covering and pull downward to close it or push it upward to close it.

These ideas should get you well on your way to thinking about the best kitchen window treatments for your Bronx kitchen. Make certain it functions as you need it to, controls heat, light and glare and have fun with it and choose window coverings made from textures, materials and designs that depict your lifestyle in some manner.

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