Drapery Cleaning & Care – Here’s How We Do It

We use the injection extraction method of cleaning.  What does that mean?  First we vacuum the dust off the window treatment products ( draperyblindsshades, or valances) then we spray the cleaning solution on the product.  The cleaning solution is simultaneously extracted while being sprayed onto the product.  The key to cleaning is to start with a thorough vacuuming. 

What We Use in Drapery Cleaning:

We care about the families we service, we care about their pets, we care about the environment and we care about our safety and well being.  That is why we use eco-friendly cleaning products.  Some of the cleaning products we use or have used in the past include Procyon cleaning solution – soap free, odor free cleaning.  This product is:

  • Odor free
  • No VOCs
  • No Enzymes
  • Nontoxic
  • Colorless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ph 9.0 
  • GreenEarth cleaning solution – a silicone based product.
  • Ultra Terge detergent – contains no petroleum based ingredients or dyes.

When & Where:

Your window treatment can be cleaned in the convenience of your home.  How?  Sheets of plastic are placed to the back of the product and towels on the floor to absorb any moisture.  If you are in a fix and would like us to take them off-site for cleaning and storage that can be arranged also.  It’s all a matter of what you are most comfortable with.


How Often Should I Clean My Window Treatments?

This is a question we get all the time.  There are a few factors that go into this decision such as:

  • What’s the exposure of the room?
  • How often do you vacuum your window treatments?
  • Are you allergic to dust and other air pollutants?
  • Is asthma an issue for you or your family?
  • Do you burn candles regularly?
  • Do you have a fireplace?
  • Do you constantly leave your window or door open?

Based on your answer to these questions then cleaning yearly may be your answer, but then again,  I have had clients where every 6 months is an appropriate schedule, some yearly and others that every 2 years is appropriate also.  The point is each home is different and calls for a different cleaning schedule.  If you have a question about care and cleaning of your window treatments or would like to schedule an appointment, go online @ https://onsitedrapery-cleaning.com/

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