Benefits of Getting Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are made especially for you and your windows. They will fit any window you have no matter the size or the shape. You have the most choices when you choose an interior designer to make your home beautiful by creating stunning windows.

Where to Get the Best Custom Window Treatments in New York

You should be diligent in your search for the best professional interior designer so you get all of her knowledge and expertise in designing your window treatments. You get the many benefits of custom window coverings as well as the benefits of professional and courteous help in designing them. Custom simply means “the best of the best.”

What are Custom Window Treatments?

Custom window treatments allow your home to shine in any style of decor you have or you can create new window treatments to go with a new and updated style or simply to have a change of scenery. When you choose custom window coverings, you are choosing to have endless possibilities in dressing all of your windows. You can choose from a huge array of both soft and hard window treatments to complete your look.

The opposite of custom window treatments is any window treatments that you just simply pick up from a big box store nearby. These types of window treatments are basically a dime a dozen and definitely on the lower end of the price spectrum and for good reason. The store bought window coverings only come in some sizes–but do you realize that there are no actual “standard” window sizes? This means that they will most likely not fit well or look the best either, especially because the workmanship and fabrics are of low quality and they won’t last very long. Most homeowners are very proud of their homes and they want window coverings that express their own personal style and personality–not a cookie cutter look like everyone else can have.

What are Soft Window Treatments?

Soft window treatments are made from fabric, which you can touch and feel the softness. Thus the name. There are literally thousands of types of fabric in different thicknesses, colors and pattern from which to choose. You can choose from any of these products and then add the fabric of choice to make them your own unique creation. Options in soft window treatments include:

• Soft Roman shades
• Roller shades
• Drapery panels and side draperies
• Cornices
• Valances
• Sheers

Any and all of these soft treatment options can be made into any size and style that you desire. Not only can they be creative, but they will also help to address your concerns of lighting control, heat gain and loss, privacy issues and of course beauty.

What Are Hard Window Treatments?

Hard window treatments are made of hard materials, rather than soft fabric. They can be the perfect solution for light and temperature control and privacy and either be the first layer in layered window treatments or a stand alone treatment that is beautiful enough to be a focal point in any room. Options in hard window treatments include:

• Wood blinds
Vertical blinds
• Honeycomb shades
• Indoor plantation shutters
• Hard roller shades
• Hard Roman shades
• Woven wood shades

Hard window treatments can also match any style of decor you have in your home while being a beautiful addition in each room of your home or office.

Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

In recent years, homeowners are spending quite a sum of money on home furnishings for new homes as well as remodels and additions. The window treatments are an integral and very important part of the wonderful world of decor. Window treatments of all types convey different ideas and evoke certain feelings depending on the type, colors, patterns and fabrics that are used. When you choose custom window treatments instead of low quality stock window blinds or curtains from a big box detailer, you are choosing the most vast amount of options possible to suit your exact needs and style.

Precise and Perfect Window Measurements

When you hire an interior designer to help you choose your custom window treatments of any sort, they will measure all of your windows precisely, ensuring that all of your window coverings fit perfectly. Most homeowners don’t realize that measurements are taken in multiple areas and windows may be ever so slightly larger or smaller from different areas. Interior designers take at least three measurements across the width and three measurements down the length of each window to make the treatments fit perfectly. When you choose a big box store, you only have access to a certain amount of sizes in window treatments that may not really fit well and won’t look good either. Another thing that most homeowners don’t realize is that there are no “standard size” windows. When a house is built, there is a huge array of sizes and shapes that can be in your home. Specialty shaped windows always need the help from custom window treatments, as big box stores don’t carry them.

Professional and Courteous Treatment

Hiring a professional to create your window treatments means that she can work with your particular aesthetics in your home to show you examples of complementary window treatments that would look great in every room of your home. Your professional will more than likely ask you several questions, such as what you want to solve, such as heat and light gain, insulating factors and functionality to offer you professional choices from which to choose. Ready-made window treatments don’t give you any choices like this.

Highest Quality Workmanship

When your window treatments are custom made, they are fabricated to your exact specifications and are of the highest quality workmanship. Inexpensive ready-made window coverings are exactly what their name suggests and the saying of “you get what you paid for” is true in this case. Window blinds from a big box store break easily and don’t last long, but custom window blinds are made of much better quality products to last you for years to come without the need to repair or replace them. For custom drapery panels of all sorts, professionals construct them and examine every seam and stitch to make certain they are tight and that the stitches are even without any frays that could cause them to rip.

Massive Choices of Fabric and Materials

If you like a particular photo that you’ve seen in a magazine or online, it is most probably custom made. Custom treatments give you literally thousands of choices in fabric and materials for your windows so you can decide which you like the best. If you see a photo that you love, a professional window treatment consultant can more than likely get the same exact fabric and will definitely be able to recreate the exact same style for you. You also can see different choices that are available to you in custom colors. You merely tell your designer and she can show you a multitude of options in the colors you love.

Customized Details

Custom window treatments allow you to add details to your products such as specific hardware or custom trims to get the exact look that you want.

The Best Energy Efficiency

If you are concerned about energy efficiency as well as appearance, custom products will give you the best energy efficiency for your windows possible. Custom fabric can have a thicker backing on it to help insulate your windows whether it’s in the cold winter or in the hot summer. This helps you to save on your heating and cooling bills all year round by keeping your entire home at a comfortable temperature.

Where Can You Get the Best Custom Window Treatments in New York?

You will find the best custom window treatments in New York by doing a bit of homework. You want to choose a professional that has several years of experience as well as the desire to make your home beautiful. Your choice should be someone who has earned a fashion degree from an accredited source, such as the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Research online for designers of window treatments in your area. When you do this, you can use a local company, which is great for the economy, and they will be nearby and most likely offer free in-home or in-office consultations. Some may offer paid consultations and if you and she have very different ideas, it may not work out and you are out the money for the consultation.

When looking at a specific online designer’s website, go to their project or portfolio pages to see photos of some of the work they’ve done in the past. If you see only very modern homes and yours is quite a bit older, or a completely different style that you don’t like at all, then this may not be a good choice. You are looking for something similar to what you already have in mind on their site. Alternately, if you don’t have any idea in mind, you can look at the photos to gain inspiration for your own home.

Qualities and Duties of a Great Window Treatment Professional

When you have your free in-home or in-office consultation, you are actually interviewing the designer to see how your personalities and expectations match each other. You want to make certain that she listens intently to all of your questions and you need to answer all of her questions as best as you can. It’s a good idea to have a budget in mind to work with her so she can help you to find the right choices in a style you love much more quickly. Sometimes you may want one item and just by changing the fabric, it will be less expensive, but with the same appearance and charm. Experts can definitely help you with these types of decisions.

You should expect your designer to accomplish these duties for you:

1. Determine your goals and requirements for the entire project or for each room
2. Consider how the space is used and how people will move through the space
3. Consider if you have children, pets or allergies in your home
4. Bring fabric swatches and other samples for you to actually see and feel to help in your decisions
5. Sketch designs of exactly what to expect on a scale of your windows
6. Give you a timeline as to when your window treatments will be completed
7. Take measurements of your windows and record them
8. Return with the completed products and professionally install them for you

You should also ask about any warranties on your specific products. Most of the time, the longer the warranty, the longer the items will last and the better made they are.

All of these items should help you to choose a great interior designer for your window treatments in your area so you get products that are durable, long lasting, energy efficient and beautiful too.

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