Sprucing Up Your Commercial Window Treatments in the Fall and Winter

Warm Up Your Commercial Windows

If you don’t want to be caught off guard by older drafty windows in your commercial space or if you simply want to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket this winter instead of spending it on heating costs, then you should beef up the commercial window treatments to make them more energy-efficient.

An important thing to note is that even though old man winter is on his way and carrying lots of snow and icy cold winds with him, you still want window treatments that will also benefit you in the dog days of summer as well. The good thing is that commercial window treatments of all kinds work to keep out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. So, sprucing up your windows in the fall and winter will also help with your energy efficiency in the summer.

Custom Made Window Treatments

You may be tempted to grab some blinds from a big box store for your new office windows just to cover them up quickly. This isn’t a great solution because windows do not come in “standard” sizes at all. The inexpensive window blinds that are pre-made will give you a window covering, but they will become saggy and droopy quickly because they are only made for home use and not of commercial-grade materials.

Keep in mind that the closer your window covering is to the window, the better insulation it will give you and keep your office space much cozier. For this reason, you should choose commercial grade products that are custom fabricated for a perfect fit inside of your window frames. Some great examples of insulting custom window treatments are blinds, shades, and shutters.

Commercial Window Treatments of All Kinds

Cellular Shades are The Most Effective

Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades as they are often called, have the highest energy efficiency of perhaps all window treatments. They have two layers of fabric that are bonded together to form small pockets in the center of the two that look much like a bee’s honeycomb. The R-value of a window is a number related to how energy efficient it is. When you add custom cellular shades to your windows, you will raise your R-value from 3.5 of a standard window to almost 7–meaning your space will become about twice as energy-efficient.

Cellular shades give you literally thousands of different fabrics to choose from so you can get exactly the appearance you want whether it’s a solid color, a small print or a stripe. In addition to the great insulation factor of cellular shades, you can also add a liner to the rear of the shade to increase your energy efficiency even more while retaining the beautiful appearance of your fabric on the front side. This is THE most effective window treatment for your commercial space.

Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

Not everyone realizes it, but vertical window blinds were actually fabricated especially for very large windows, entryway doors and sliding glass doors. Horizontal window blinds support the weight of the blinds from the top cassette where the blinds roll up when they are fully raised. If a window or door is quite large, even the commercial products of horizontal blinds will not last as long as they should because of the sheer weight, which will prematurely wear out the top winding mechanism. This is precisely why vertical blinds were made to glide vertically on a top track and they only need to support the weight of thin vertical vanes. If you have any large windows or doors in your commercial space, then vertical blinds can provide you a great deal of savings on your energy bills in the winter. This type of window treatment also mounts inside of the windowsills and fits tightly to keep the cold air outside instead of allowing it into your space. The newer types of commercial-grade vertical blinds allow you to add fabric to the vanes so they aren’t just the run of the mill aluminum in neutral colors. You can add a custom decorative fabric to the front of the vanes and also a thicker fabric or a custom lining fabric to the rear to help your energy efficiency all year round.

Plantation Shutters for Elegant Energy Savings

Indoor plantation shutters are truly a work of art. You can choose from hardwood or faux wood and both have an old-world charm that is always fashionable and will never go out of style as a timeless and classic beauty. You can choose paint or stain as a sealant and as a bonus of being able to choose any color you can think of, the coloration brings out and highlights the beautiful wood grain in the swirls and whorls. Shutters also fit inside of the window casing to form a very tight seal and keep the cold air trapped next to the window when the louvers are closed. This means that your indoor space will stay much warmer due to the thick construction of wood shutters.

Dressing Windows in Layers

When you live in a northern state and get months of snow, ice and freezing rain, how do you dress for the days when the weather changes? Layers–most everyone will opt for layering clothing so you can remove the outermost layers one at a time if you need to. This type of terminology of layers is also a term that is used for dressing commercial windows. Any window covering will help you keep the cold out more than if your windows are not covered at all. However, you can add additional layers of window treatments to add more insulation too.

Some commercial businesses use custom draperies and curtains for window treatments, such as the healthcare industry and hospitality business, such as a hotel or motel. The best option for draperies that you already have is to add a very thick insulating panel on the rear of the drapery panels to add a large amount of insulation to the rooms. If your draperies are a bit outdated, you can simply choose a new and lovely fabric and add the liner to make them appear fashion-forward while also saving you a bundle of money on your heating expenses.

The most common commercial window treatments are still aluminum horizontal blinds. Most likely if you are leasing a space that is what you will find in the windows already. After several years the blinds won’t open and shut fully and may allow a lot of cold air into your offices. A great option is to replace the old blinds with some custom made new wooden or faux wood blinds. The slats on wood and faux wood blinds are much thicker than the aluminum type and wood is known for its insulation properties. Aluminum, however, doesn’t block the cold air very well, because they don’t close tightly. Have you ever touched an aluminum blind in the winter? If so, you will realize how very cold they get even on the inside and this shows you that they don’t insulate very well at all. To really add some great insulation properties easily, you can use a pretty Roman shade as your first layer next to the window and then add the wooden blinds in front of the shade. This will give you a great deal of insulation and you can also have two distinct looks when you open one and leave the other one closed. It’s the best of both worlds and very stylish too.

You have a lot of different choices to warm up your commercial space in the winter with your window treatments so you can create just about any atmosphere that you please. Make certain to use a professional designer in New York and have your window treatments custom made so you can be assured that they fit tightly and keep the cold wind outside where it belongs.

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