Blinds vs. Curtains: Which One Is Best for Your House?

blinds vs. curtains

Help your home look its best by learning about the advantages of blinds vs. curtains! Almost every homeowner knows how blinds and curtains look. However, few appreciate the distinct impacts that both types of window treatments can have on the aesthetic appeal of a home’s interior. Discover the pros and cons of both blinds and curtains below!

Are Blinds Better than Curtains?

Depending on their intended purposes, blinds may work better than curtains. However, the opposite could prove true, as well. For example, if you want complete darkness, then blackout curtains will outperform most blinds. On the other hand, if you value convenience above all else, then nothing beats blinds.

blinds pros and cons

Blinds Pros and Cons

Homeowners that prefer blinds often speak about their convenience. However, like anything else, blinds come with advantages and disadvantages. Below, you can find some of the pros and cons of blinds.


  • Minimal effort is required to open and close
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • Less expensive than curtains
  • More light control
  • Superior durability


  • Do not block out all light
  • Limited design options
  • Slightly less privacy due to gaps
The Pros and Cons of Window Curtains

Curtains Pros and Cons

Interior designers will tell you that blinds contribute to the simplicity of a home, whereas curtains add a little elegance. But, like blinds, curtains also offer both benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at the pros and cons of installing curtains.


  • Lots of fabrics, textures, and styles from which to choose
  • Superior soundproofing and insulation
  • Thick curtains can block out all light
  • Suitable for all window sizes
  • No dangerous cords


  • Do not last as long as blinds
  • Hassle to clean
  • More expensive than blinds

Now that you know the benefits enjoyed by homeowners who install blinds vs. curtains and vice versa let’s dig a little deeper into the price differences.

Which Are Cheaper: Curtains or Blinds?

While blinds remain more affordable than curtains in general, some overlap in pricing does exist. The reasons why curtains cost more include the increased labor required and the materials used, among others.

installing blinds

Labor Costs

If you plan on hiring a professional to install your new window treatments, keep in mind that it takes longer to install curtains than it does blinds. As a result, it usually costs more to install curtains. An installer can mount blinds in front of your window within 20 minutes, but it will take over an hour to install and style new curtains.

Material Costs

The materials needed for blinds cost far less than those required for curtains. However, even the least expensive fabric will command a higher price than affordable plastic blinds. To defray some of the cost of your new curtains, you can opt for cotton curtain panels instead of velvet, silk, or linen.

Why Do Americans Use Blinds Instead of Curtains?

Americans love blinds because they represent an affordable, easily controllable, and low-maintenance solution. In addition, Americans appreciate a good bargain, especially if there are no strings attached. Blinds require little more than a swipe with a feather duster, and an occasional wipedown also attracts American consumers. Finally, most Americans prefer the simplicity of blinds over the luxury of curtains.

Are Blackout Curtains or Blinds Better?

blackout curtains

Unless you require complete darkness, nothing beats blackout curtains at blocking out the light. However, that does not necessarily mean that blackout curtains are better than blinds. It all depends on what you need. For most people, blinds block enough light to sleep soundly. However, light sleepers may need additional coverage against the sun rays coming through the window.

Blinds will allow you to regulate the amount of light that enters your room a lot better than blackout curtains. Also, vertical blinds work better than blackout curtains when covering a sliding glass door or huge windows. Finally, blackout curtains usually get installed in bedrooms, whereas blinds work well in any room, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces.

Pairing Blinds and Curtains Together

pairing blinds and curtains together

To increase the versatility of your home, you can try pairing blinds and curtains together. Some homeowners love the convenience and added light control that blinds offer but prefers curtains’ physical appearance. Rather than comparing and contrasting the benefits and drawbacks of installing blinds vs. curtains, you can combine them to create added depth and contrast for your window treatment.

If you’d like the convenience of blinds and the aesthetic appeal of curtains, call Interiors by Harriet at (929) 470-1695 or schedule an appointment online.

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