Appreciating the Beauty of Custom Window Treatments

Choosing the Best of the Best Window Treatments

If you’ve ever looked at a photo in a magazine or online and seen a highly decorative room with amazing window treatments, it’s definitely a room that was designed entirely by a highly experienced interior designer.

Each and every object and every detail is chosen to look amazing. If you value this type of reaction and want to have the same in your home, you should certainly choose custom window treatments

Appreciating the Beauty of Custom Window Treatments

If you ask any interior designer, they will agree that you window treatments are like the frosting on a cake to give all of your spaces the highly decorative or coordinating touch that they need. Many times, you will also see that other items in a room are also made to match the soft window treatments in order to bring the entire space together seamlessly. 

What are Custom Window Treatments?

Custom window treatments are any type of window treatment that is made and fabricated especially for you with all of your prerequisites in mind. All window treatments should address several issues such as:

  • Privacy levels
  • Reduction of heat
  • Energy efficiency
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Functional
  • Beautiful
  • Stylish to fit your decor or style
Beauty of Custom Window Treatments

This may seem like a tall order to fill with all of the items you want to address in a few products for window coverings. However, if you enlist the help of an experienced designer, your windows will thank you expressly by addressing all of these items in a few or even one product, to create a truly stunning room.

Hard and Soft Window Treatments

Knowing the difference between hard and soft window treatments will help you in your quest for lovely windows. 

Hard window treatments can control light and temperature and give you privacy too, but they can also create a decorative effect and make your windows the focal point of any room. Hard window treatments include shades, hard blinds and wood shutters. 

Soft window treatments allow you to address the issues of heat loss/gain, light control and privacy but they can customize your look to suit anything you desire. Soft window treatments include drapery panels and pairs, soft Roman shades, sheers and cornices. Soft window treatments have literally thousands of different types of fabric, in different colors, patterns and color palates and you can also choose linings and styles to fit your exact style and decor.

Custom Fabric New YorkWhy Should I Get Custom Window Treatments in the Bronx?

You get more benefits from custom window treatments than most homeowners realize. Anyone can go to a big box store or simply place an order online for window treatments or coverings and then put them up when they get them home. You will notice that there isn’t a huge amount of different types, styles and colors to choose from though. Big box window treatments are inexpensive because the fabrics are not very durable and the workmanship isn’t done by hand, but its mass produced. This means you can have the same exact window coverings as any other person in the state and yours will not look any different. It’s like purchasing a cookie cutter curtain if you will. 

Precise Window Measurements

When you choose a professional designer for custom window treatments, you get perfect and precise measurements of all your windows because they measure them themselves. Retail chain window treatments are only available in certain specific sizes and they don’t offer customization. This can lead to ill fitting window treatments that really don’t look nice at all. Custom window treatments also takes into account if your products of choice are mounted inside the window frame, outside the window frame or above the window frame. Each of the mounting locations can make your windows appear differently so they may look wider or taller if you wish. After the measurements are taken and you decide exactly what you want, then the products are made specifically for your windows to the exact specifications. This ensures that when your interior designer returns to install them for you that they will fit perfectly. Professionals can also fabricate window coverings for all specialty types and shapes of windows for you.

Professional Advice and Treatment

When you hire a professional window treatment specialist, it’s exactly the same as having your own personal interior designer in your home. She has been educated on designing and has experience in all the different types of styles and decors as well as having an eye for color and the ability to beautify spaces. A professional will work with the aesthetics that are already in your home to give you samples of items that will work very well for you. Your window coverings should complement your style. Your interior window designer will ask you several questions to get an idea of what the most important qualities are that you are seeking with your new window treatments. She will then offer you several different solutions to fit all your needs and help you to decide on which works best for you. 


Vast Inventory of Fabric and Materials

Choosing custom window treatments means that you will have literally thousands of different fabrics and materials from which to choose–this translates to a product that you will truly fall in love with and one that is perfect for your unique situation. You won’t have to settle for the same old patterns and designs that are found in big box stores when you choose custom window treatments. Any of your hard treatments will be the perfect size so you can be sure they will be a perfect fit and operate flawlessly as they should. Designers also have access to designer quality fabrics that you can’t find anywhere else, thereby giving you even more choices.

More Energy Efficiency

Big box window treatments may be slightly too large or too small for your actual window sizes. This results in a loss of energy efficiency because when they are too small in width, it will allow sunlight to come into a room on both sides of the windows. If the window treatments are too large, they won’t fit snugly into the window casing and they won’t be as energy efficient as any type of window coverings that fit perfectly. Another great advantage of custom window treatments in the Bronx is that if you main concern is energy efficiency, you can have custom backings added to your window treatments or layer both hard and soft treatments for a truly stunning appearance with added energy efficiency.

Customized Details

Custom window treatments also allow you to have highly decorative drapery rods, hardware and thousands of choices of different decorative tapes and embellishments that you can choose to make your window treatments unique to your own style. You may decide on a solid color drapery panel and then add some beautiful and bright tape to it in a pretty floral design to give it a pop of bright color and match other items in your room. 

Superior Quality

Designer custom window coverings use superior quality fabrics and products of all types. These are made to be much more durable and last longer so you won’t need to replace them for many years to come. Since your window treatments will be fabricated to your exact specifications, they will also be inspected very closely by an expert fabricator to make certain that they are quality items for you.

A Superior Warranty

You will get a longer warranty on custom window treatments because the materials and workmanship are all superior to store bought items. Most stock products only carry a one year warranty at most. But, custom products are built to last and be durable for many years, so they can carry a longer warranty. After all, customization is an investment in your home that can actually raise the value of your home. 

Tips in Choosing the Right Custom Window Treatments

The best manner in which to choose your window treatments is to consider all of the purposes you want to address and then go from there. 

If you have a lot of sunlight in a particular window and you want to block light in that space, you can think of adding a blackout liner to your window shades or drapery panels. 

custom window treatment project by harrietj

For areas with a great view from your window, consider roller blinds, Roman shades or draperies that can all open completely so you have an unobstructed view out of your window of your beautiful garden or to see the sunrise or sunset. 

For privacy concerns, window blinds, shades and sheers can all filter light and unsightly views of a neighbors home that is close to yours or if your window faces a fence.

If you intend to open and close your window treatments often, you should choose a type that slides easily or for a window that is tall and hard to reach, maybe a remote control option will work best for you. 

If you have no focal point in your room, you can create one with your window treatments. You can use a contrasting color, an eye catching print or any elaborate design for your windows to become a grand focal point. 

Decide what type of hardware you want to use and if there is room for it. You should use drapery hardware that suits your home, as it is available in many different colors and styles. You should also keep in mind the size of the drapery rod, because lined draperies require a larger rod than unlined or sheer drapery panels. 

What type of fabric do you want to choose? Would you like a natural or organic fabric for your window treatments? Make certain for custom draperies and Roman shades to choose high quality fabrics that hang well so they look nice and neat. Linen, organic cotton and hemp are all great choices of natural fabrics for your home. If you want an easy care fabric, choose one that is pre-washed and pre shrunk so you can simply throw them in the washer and dryer at home to clean them. 

Choosing to have custom window treatments of any type is a great decision to have long lasting and durable products of the best workmanship that also increase the value of your home. Your home is yours and should convey the feelings and your own unique style to make it truly yours and yours alone.

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