Bathroom Window Treatments for 2021

Bathroom window treatments should of course look nice and complement your other items in your bathroom. At times, you want to soften the hard lines of your countertops and tile floors. Alternatively, you may decide you want hard treatments on your bathroom windows. No matter what style or decor you are going for, you will need to take a few things in consideration when dressing bathroom windows.

Your bathroom windows need dressing just as all of the other windows in your home. Most of the time the master bathroom is your oasis to get away from the world and take a relaxing bubble bath when you can. You can choose custom window treatments to help convey the spa like feel in your bathroom at home.

What to Consider when Choosing the Right Bathroom Window Treatments

There are a few things that you want to consider when you choose any bathroom’s window treatments. You want a functional space that is beautiful where you can adjust the light and your privacy level while also matching your decor and style. The things to consider in bathroom window treatments all go hand in hand.

Abundant Natural Lighting

Since a bathroom generally only has one window that may be very large or very small you want to let in as much natural lighting as you possibly can. Natural lighting allows you to use less electricity in a bathroom and in turn is energy efficient.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Window Treatments

On a cool and sunny day, you can open your window treatments and let the sun shine in to give you some natural warmth in the bathroom. Natural lighting also makes any space, even a half bath seem to be larger as the light plays off the walls and furnishings to create shadows and depth in layers. Natural, warm lighting is also found to be good for your eyes and your health to improve your mood and functionality. Depending on the direction your bathroom window faces, you may get a lot of sunlight and heat gain in your window or you may get very little. East and west facing windows generally get more sunlight in the mornings and afternoons respectively, unless another home or trees landscaping block the sun from your window.

Plenty of Privacy When Needed

Privacy is of the utmost concern in your home as a whole, but mostly in the bathroom. You want to be able to close window treatments so that no one can peer into your windows, but this also depends on the orientation of the bathroom window. On a second story, if your bathroom window doesn’t face another neighbor’s home with second story windows or if there is a tall tree that lies outside your window, you may not have a huge privacy concern. However, on a first floor bathroom window that faces the street, you definitely want ample privacy from the passersby. On the first floor, your bathroom window could face the rear of your home with a security fence, and in this case privacy isn’t as much as an issue either. 

Window Coverings for Bathroom

Fully Functional Window Coverings

The best idea for your new 2021 bathroom window treatments is to choose a type that can open, close, and possibly tilt to give you full functionality in your light control. Most all window treatments can be opened or closed fully or partially and they may open horizontally or vertically depending on your choice of materials. In addition, you can choose other types of window coverings that work well in bathrooms and have a tilting function to let in varying amounts of light that is directional instead of opening or closing them. The only time you would possibly want non-functional bathroom window treatments would be in the case of a very small window that doesn’t actually open or close and is more for a decorative touch, such as specialty shaped windows in intricate shapes of hexagons, ovals or circles. In these types of windows a custom window treatment is required so it will fit properly and it will be stationary.

Humidity Resistant Materials for Bathroom Window Treatments

Another important item to keep in mind is that your bathroom has a lot of humidity in it, especially if it is on the smaller side just from taking warm showers or baths. You also have what is called wet zones when water could possibly splash onto your window treatments of choice. This all dictates that you need to choose window coverings that are humidity resistant and will last for many years without the need to replace them several times. Hard wood shades and shutters don’t work well in bathrooms because the humidity and heat causes them to crack, warp and peel over time. Wood expands and contracts with temperature variances as well as with humidity levels that make them stay moist and can ruin them pretty quickly. However, there are other choices that are just as beautiful as hard wood that are designed for bathrooms and kitchens.

Best Window Treatment Ideas for the Year 2021

There are quite a variety of window treatments that work well in bathrooms and satisfy all of your considerations as well as beautify your bathrooms.

The Best Blinds for Bathrooms

When choosing the best window blinds for your bathrooms, you have many choices other than hard wood that work very well. 

Faux wood blinds appear just as beautiful as hard wood blinds as you can see the gorgeous wood grain in the whorls and swirls. 

These beautiful features are highlighted by the stain or the paint color you choose for your faux wood blinds. You can choose a color that blends in with your other cabinetry in a stain or a bright and playful paint color as an accent in the bathroom window. Blinds allow you to open or close them or tilt them for the ultimate in light control and heat gain as well. 

Vinyl and aluminum blinds will also hold up well in the humidity in your bathroom windows. You may hear the term vinyl and aluminum blinds and think about the older types that were only available in neutral colors of white and off white. 

Those were the blinds of the olden days. You can now have a choice between many different colors to match your style and decor seamlessly.

Best Blinds for Bathrooms

The Best Indoor Plantation Shutters for Bathrooms

The beauty and sophistication of indoor plantation shutters for bathroom can’t be rivaled by any other window treatment. This type of window covering adds luxury and beauty to any space. 

The only thing to remember is that you need to choose the faux wood shutters because of the humidity. In larger bathroom windows you can choose different hanging methods to have different appearances when you open them. 

You can have a pair of shutters that span from the top to the bottom of the window and open to each side of the window. 

Larger windows look extra lovely with the tier on tier style with one set of shutters covering the top half of the window and another covering the bottom half of the window. In this orientation, you can open and close the top and bottom halves independently of each other for perfect lighting and heat control.

Best Indoor Plantation Shutters for Bathrooms

Fabulous Fabric Roller Shades

Roller shades are any type of window shade that has a roller mechanism at the top of them. 

When you open roller shades the fabric rolls up into the top of the roller and when you close them, you have a solid sheet of fabric to shield your window. 

The beauty of this type of shade is that you have literally thousands of types of fabric and trim to choose from and make your bathroom an extension of your unique style. 

You can choose combinations of solids and patterns and add intricate trim for accents to pick up any color you wish in your bathroom. 

The best fabric suited to bathrooms is vinyl. 

You can wipe them down occasionally with soapy water to prevent mildew and keep in mind that if you have the window shades down while using the shower or tub, you can leave the exhaust fan on to remove moisture from the shades and keep them down to allow the vinyl to dry completely.

The Most Exciting Trend for Bathrooms in 2021

The most exciting bathroom window treatments for 2021 are woven wood roller shades. 

They are made from all natural and sustainable wood and grasses that often include bamboo. You can choose from a large variety of natural and beautiful color combinations including shades of green and browns as well as yellows. 

You can also add some decorative custom fabric, trim or ribbon to woven wood shades to match your color scheme. 

Woven wood shades operate as a roller shade and when they are down fully covering your bathroom window they make a light filtering effect because tiny dots of light shine through the weave. 

The dots may appear as little stars on your walls and floors to give you some natural light when down but they also give you total privacy when they are down. Woven woods look exceptionally beautiful in a bathroom with rich woodwork in the cabinets and a wood or engineered wooden floor. 

As you can see, you have many choices for new bathroom window treatments in 2021. The woven wood roller shades are at the top of the most wanted list for their beauty, but you have a huge amount of other types of window coverings that work equally as well to reflect your own personal style.

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